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    VANESSA – Brussel Escort

    ❤ I am Vanessa, a name you will undoubtedly associate with a most rousingly regal and sensual young lady.
    Welcome to my world of divine seduction, captivating eroticism, and genuine GFE/PSE connection. Whilst in my company you may expect to be indulged completely –  aroused physically, mentally and emotionally. ❤ I am the contemporary western Geisha, who understands the true depths of what it takes to please a gentleman in absolute entirety. Far from being akin to your typical escort, I am a young lady with poise, manners, education and a devilish secret that my upbringing would shun. If you contemplate the very good girl going bad, well, you know how this story unfolds gentlemen… ❤ My looks are uniquely exquisite, my body taught and flawless, my bust more than bountiful at an E cup. My cheekbones are high and my nose perfectly angled. Together these features give way to a feminine, sweet and breathtakingly attractive face. ❤ My provocative eyes sparkle with the positivity and enthusiasm of a nymph and my derriere presents as round and firm, begging to be explored and stimulated. My young, supple body is always suitably wrapped in fine couture; elegant lingerie and/or unassumingly sensual casual wear whenever we meet. At times you may find me naughtily displaying my cheeky PSE side as I greet you at my door as the flirty secretary or naughty French maid. ❤ I aim to please through sharing my genuine love of sensual and erotic pleasure with you; enjoying the companionship of a gentleman and taking delight in witty conversation and GFE connection as a primary means of foreplay.< I shall work your mind as I work your body, slowly and deliberately bringing you to the great heights of passionate ecstasy with each sentence, with each stroke, with each flick of my tongue. ❤ As a dinner companion, I come to life. My strength is as a true courtesan, as I am well-travelled, poised and educated and thus adept at high-level conversation and social situations. My nature is sweetly feminine, calm and relaxed, yet I hold a poise and charisma of a woman beyond my young years. Such charm presents itself splendidly across a dinner table, while your heart beats faster as you contemplate my body as your dessert. ❤ Whilst you may conclude that I am a sweet and angelic majestic cherub, I shall then let my guard down and introduce you to my own risque PSE flavour. ❤ My passion for swallowing your manhood, my love of looking you in the eye as I swallow deeper, and my excitement at being wild and primal as you explore my tight and willing behind. If you dare venture into my world of kink and fetish I can arouse you with my feet in nylon or silk and painted toes. Please do not limit me to your delicate GFE companion. My intoxicating conservative meets Lolita-devilish nature is ever-present within my chameleon ways, whereby I switch between GFE and PSE effortlessly. ❤ My daring endeavours continue with my offerings of photography and filming. Should you care to savour our tryst for moments to come then please allow us to photograph and/or film our erotic liaison on your own personal device. Take with you a piece of me that allows you to relive our time together again and again and again in the privacy of your own home. ❤ Of Anglo background, of down to earth and genuine personality, of palatial sexual passion and fervour – I am Vanessa and I aim to keep you enraptured under my spell and mindlessly yearning for more! ❤
    ❤ Till we meet…
    Passionately yours,
    Vanessa ❤