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Three Quick Ways To Learn BRUSSELS ESCORTS

To be considered as part of our ‘family’, you must be very fit, healthy and naturally beautiful. Very importantly, you must be a warm-hearted, friendly and caring person, with a humble soul and a loving nature. Without this, no amount of beauty will bring success. Confidence is fine, as long as it is combined with genuine consideration and respect for others. We seek truly well-bred, natural ladies with courtesan qualities, not escort ladies looking to be ‘busy’ with lots of clients for brief service-based bookings. We don’t work that way; we are not involved in soulless prostitution. We are a premium companion introduction agency. ***If your photo is on multiple escort websites around the world, you will not succeed here. Because our clientele is extremely selective, the moment they see your image elsewhere (usually for a lower price), they alert us and don’t want to meet you. We’re only suited to the truly exclusive lady, seeking occasional introductions at the highest level. There are literally thousands of regular escort agencies in the world with whom you can be listed if that is the avenue you choose for yourself, and we’ll wish you the best. However, we cannot help you with that. A truly high-class lady is gracious, and shows charm to everyone at all times, regardless of the situation. She never forgets, whilst she is enjoying herself, what her purpose is and where her responsibilities lie. A successful, elite woman of refinement making herself available as a courtesan companion is very giving and compassionate, never self-important or egotistical. She is never self-absorbed, negative or nasty. Her focus is on creating a lovely, positive connection with her gentleman friends, not on how much money she wants. A focus on money will eliminate your success super-fast. When you focus on providing quality rather than ‘what’s in it for you’, income comes faster than you can count it, because decent people crave authentic quality. You should be 20-35 years old and be a professional model, actress, performer, presenter or businesswoman, (discreetly verified), and/ or pursuing a degree in a high-end university (also discreetly verified). You must have superb manners and a certain charisma. Being neat and hygienic is essential; nobody wants a dinner date with someone whose presence is unpleasant or offensive. Of elite breeding (upper-middle class to upper class), you will, of course, be tattoo-free, and well acquainted with very tasteful attire and grooming. No, a body-con nightclub dress is absolutely not acceptable as cocktail attire. Our gentlemen seek far more than just a pretty face, and they certainly don’t contact us seeking brief physical favors.