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    I’m delighted that you have found me!
    ❤ Sometimes, life needs a little spice to be added into its wonderful mix. As your reading this, then your either on the wrong site or more likely one who enjoys a strong sexual and sensual awareness. If the later is so, then what better way of adding the spice of an exquisite courtesan who knows and understands her role as well as very genuinely enjoys it. I am compelled and intoxicating and always conscious of making the time I spend with my clients (some now good friends) an experience that leaves them memorized by the time we part. ❤ Once an arrangement is made, and we have established the desired service, my focus will be on your own individual needs and desires from the moment I start to prepare for our encounter and how I will make the time we spend so amazing that you have to come back for more. ❤ I have always been a very sensual person and enjoy a very high sex drive. I have an extremely sexy body with curves in the right place. I have traveled a lot for someone my age and love meeting new people and experiencing the different cultures and experiences the world has to offer. ❤ My choice of vocation is not driven purely by a materialistic desire but also driven from a recognition of what I like and enjoy, am extremely good at as well as one that provides the freedom and comfortable lifestyle I have always wanted. I am a true believer in quality rather than quantity and enjoy pretty much everything sexually. If I have one of those rare days when I am not feeling sexual then I just take time off. I won’t be seeing anyone just for the sake of money and at a time when I cannot deliver the service I offer and agreed to. ❤