BRITNEY – Brussel Escort

    ❤ I am Britney, an exotic European woman with natural curves, beautiful olive skin and sparkling dark eyes; warm voice and a sexy accent (half french/half Spanish) Bubbly, vivacious and enthusiastic about life in general. My positive energy lights up the room! ❤ I am exceptionally social, and you will always find me smiling. I see life in a realistic but yet positive way. I am easygoing, with a healthy mind and body. ❤ I like to have fun with my friends, to explore the world and to be adventurous…ooh yes!!!! ❤ I’m Sunshiny & Bright and love to laugh!
    ❤ Need a little cheering up? I’m your girl !!! Celebrating something? I will be your biggest fan! ( what a sexy cheerleader. ❤ Always polite, feminine and stylish and have fun caring personality.  Warm-hearted and adventurous. Effervescent and entirely non-judgmental… a happy bright companion !!!
    ❤ I’m so relaxed and loving and can be comfortable in any environment. You can absolutely be yourself with me.
    I’m a food lover and I especially enjoy any food that’s healthy. Ah! and I love dark chocolate too! General health and nutrition interest me. I love arts, travel, and fitness, especially yoga, pilates, dance and water sports. ❤ I’m generous with my time and attention and expect similar generosity of spirit from those with whom I spend my time! Thank you for being a  Gentleman!!! ❤ Please take care and see you soon…